Toward a sustainable
middie-mountainous region

List of our resorts

We operate many facilities from Hokkaido in the north to Hiroshima in the south.
Utilizing knowledge of many years, we aim to create a system that can enjoy the benefits by utilizing the expertise within the group such as management headquarters, facility management, snow cover, snowfall, marketing.

Our Business

Reform consulting business

Under the generic umbrella term "ski area", the market and competition are completely different depending on the mountains altitude, direction, and slope.
Instead of applying the same standards to every area indiscriminately, we try to use a tailored approach for each one based on the mountain's characteristics.

Outdoor Education business

We perform various kinds of training for outdoor activities, program counseling and programming according to our customers' needs.
While taking into considerations environmental and adventure education, we offer a space to have safe experiences, developed through our constant research and training.


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