Company overview

Company Name MACEARTH Inc
Representative Tatsumi Ichinomoto, President and CEO
Business Description Hotel business, outdoor education business, travel services business, non-life insurance agency,
snow resorts business, green resorts business, golf course business
Date of Incorporation 1985(year of establisment of Park Hotel Shirakabakan Co.,Ltd, predecessor of Macearth)
Capital 100,000,000 yen (as of October 15, 2017)
Business Establishments 26 Ski Resorts
18 Hotels
11 Green Resorts
3 Campgrounds
4 Golf Courses
(as of October 2017)
Total number of employees 408(as of October, 2017)

Our history


MACEARTH Tokyo office
Address Chuo-ku, Tokyo Kyobashi 3-9-6 GM-3 building 8th floor 104 -0031
TEL 050-3852-3799
FAX 050-3730-6226
MACEARTH Hyogo office
Address Hyogo Prefecture Yabu Sekinomiya 633 667-1105
TEL 079-667-3320
FAX 079-667-3306
MACEARTH Nagano office
Address Nagano city, Nagano Prefecture Kurita 950-10
Asahi Spread east entrance building 4-B, Room 380-0921
TEL 026-219-3710
FAX 026-219-3720
MACEARTH Shiga office
Address Shiga Prefecture Takashima Makino-cho, Nishihama 763-2 520-1812
TEL 0740-28-1311
FAX 0740-28-1300
MACEARTH Fukushima office
Address Fukushima Prefecture Yama-gun Inawashiro-machi Hayama 7105 969-3102
TEL 0242-85-6814
FAX 0242-85-6824
MACEARTH Gifu office
Address Gifu Prefecture Gujo Takasu-cho, Owashi 3262-1 501-5303
TEL 0575-72-0038
FAX 0575-72-5414
URL http://mountain-active.jp/
MAC TRAVEL Tokyo sales office
Address Chuo-ku, Tokyo Kyobashi 3-9-6 GM-3 building 8th floor 104 -0031
TEL 03-6459-0078
FAX 03-6459-0812
MACEARTH Osaka sales Office
Address Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Higashishinsaibashi 1-8-11
Aruguraddoza Tower Shinsaibashi 206 542-0083
TEL 080-1507-3168
FAX 06-6251-3189
MAC TRAVEL Services Wadayama sales office
Address Hyogo Prefecture Asago Wadayamacho Hirataoka 774 669-5215
TEL 079-670-2727
FAX 079-670-2657


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