Outdoor Education business

Since its establishment, it has supported accomodation facilities
for more than 50 years and outdoor training facilities for more than 40.
It offers a vast array of experiences throughout Japan, from Hokkaido
in the north to Shikoku in the south.

MACEARTH's outdoor education philosophy

We offer training for school groups and other outdoor activity organizations.
According to your needs, we can offer education regarding nature, program counseling and programming, environmental and adventure training, and other services based on our long and careful research.
Our staff is continuously training and researching outdoor in order to offer you safe experiences to enjoy.

MACEARTH's outdoor education to
"make humans more human"

Experiences among nature help both children and adults make several kinds of "realizations".
Thanks to these realizations, people become "more human", learning how to gain new knowledge for themselves, thinking for themselves, and becoming more healthy in the process, growing in all senses.
We believe in the importance of making direct experiences to learn things that one cannot learn from television or the internet.
This newfound knowledge will in turn make society better for everyone.

Our ultimate target is creating a sustainable society where everyone can live happily together.
Let's grow together through nature, skiing, and all other outdoor experiences.

MACEARTH Kobe City's Nature House Director - Touring Instructor



Nature Experience Activity Leader (NEAL) Senior Lecturer
Council for Outdoor and Nature Experiences (CONE) Risk Management Director
MEDIC First / Aid instructor / project wild educator
72 hour Survival Education Association Trainer

MACEARTH's offers

Outdoor Education program

In MACEARTH's lodging facilities we offer orientation and training programs for outdoor activities which can serve the needs of schools, companies, and other associations.

Environmental Education Program

(Examples of activities:) Nature games / starry sky observation / night Haiku / nature trekking / mountain stream fishing

Field Sports

(Examples of activities:)Orienteering / climbing / field athletics / paraglider / mountain bike touring / tree climbing / canoeing experience / rafting / golf / riding / tennis / sky trampoline / mountain board / grass skiing


(Examples of activities:)Campfire / tent training / fire-starting experience / hotel orienteering / test of courage

Green Tourism

(Examples of activities:)Forestry experience (tree planting, thinning, weeding, pruning, charcoal) Agricultural Experiences (radish harvest, rice planting, potato planting, potato digging) dairy experiences (milking, barn cleaning, etc.)

Adventure Education Program

(Examples of activities:)Initiative games / Project Adventure / OBS (Outward Bound School activities) program / gorge climbing

Nutrition Education Program

(Examples of activities:)Outdoor cooking / butter making / ice cream-making / natural highland cheese making / outdoor barbecue / buckwheat noodle making

Crafting Experience

(Examples of activities:)Leather crafts / magatama making / natural wood pen-making / straw sandals / plant dyeing / bamboo crafts / basket-making

Ski Training Camp and School Trips

Hotel Outdoor Education

In our lodging facilities, you can enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year for example skiing and snowboarding in the winter and climbing, field athletics, golf, and ziplining in the summer.

Refined Resort Hotel

A promise of a refined stay

Comfort Resort Hotel

Perfect for casual stays.

Activity Resort Hotel

Equipped for outdoor activities such as field athletics.


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