Reform consulting business

No common recipe of ski resorts

We don't use the same strategy to revitalize each ski resort,
for each mountain has different altitude direction,
slope, even market and competitor environment.
It is our job to find the qualities and roles of the mountain

Our Method

Find unique role for each resort

Is this ski resort for family-friendly? Or for snowboarders? Or even for ski racers? Finding out unique role of each resort is one of our missions.

Becoming number one

Creating strong point which could beat other ski resort such as "biggest snow park in Japan" or "Japan's only high-speed alpine race venue".

Countermeasures against
"don't know" "forgot" or
"doesn't come to my mind"

Keep approaching all sorts of media such as TV, newspapers, magazines and internet media so that people watch news related to snow resorts or winter sports throughout the year.



Grouping Ski Resorts

Grouping Ski Resorts contributes to share competent experts within a group, reduce costs by central purchasing, and increase sales.

Benefits of grouping

Stabilization of profit

Distributing weather risk by running multiple ski resorts.
Integrating with different seasonal projects such as golf courses and campgrounds will stabilize the sales of the entire group.

Centralization of back offices

Reduce cost by centralization of back office functions into one place such as accounting and general affairs.

Marketing optimization

Concentrating marketing with group ski resorts all together contributes to make it efficient and reduce cost.

Reducing cost by central purchasing

Reduce a unit cost by central purchasing of group.

Empoyment of competent experts

Make possible to secure competent experts, which is difficult to hire in small ski resort.

Improvement of skills by sharing know-how

Small facilities in the mountains tend to fall into lack of information. Make possible to upskill by sharing group's know-how.

Dominant strategy

We aime efficient marketing and stable employment throughout the year by operating not only ski resorts but also hotels or golf courses in the same area.

Partnership with local government

In cooperation with local governments, we operate public leisure facilities as a designated administrator.

Partership with Local Government

Fukushima Prefecture Minami Aizu Town

- Aizu Kogen Nango Ski Resort
- Aizu Kogen Takahata Ski Resort
- Michino Eki Yamaguchi Onsen Kirara 289

Nagano Prefecture Otaki Village

- Ontake 2240 Ski Resort
- Ontake Ginga Village Campsite

Shiga Prefecture Takashima City

- Gulliver Village

Hyogo Prefecture Kami Town

- Ojiro Ski Resort
- Kamicho Ojiro Himawari Park

Hyogo Prefecture Yabu City

- Hyonosen Kokusai Ski Resort

Hyogo Prefecture Shiso City

- Banshu Tokura Snow Park
- Chikusa Kogen Ski Resort
- Chikusa Kogen Lily Park
- Chikusa Kogen Nature Land
- Kurumi no Sato

Hyogo Prefecture Kamikawa Town

- Mineyama Kogen Hotel RelaXia

Hyog Prefecture Kobe City

- Kobe City Nature Center

Case Studies


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